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Hair Candy FAQs

Posted by haircandybeauty on April 24, 2013 at 1:25 PM

Q: How much is your prices for sew ins?

A: Our sew-ins (partial or full) starts at $95.00, depending on the cut and style.

Q: What is the difference between a quick weave and a sew-in?

A: A sew in is a method of adding extensions to the hair by braiding the natural down and sewing the extensions to the braids. There are two types of sew ins available; a partial sew in, and a full sew in. With the full sew in weave all of the scalp hair is braided. The entire head is covered with the extension and a closure is used to finish and cover the extension weft. With a partial sew in, parts of the hair is left unbraided the cover the weft and to give the style a more natural look. This actual part or hairline showing provides a look that the extensions are growing naturally from the scalp.

A quick weave is where the extensions are adding to the natural hair with bonding glue. The quick weave got its name from how quick the process of adding the extensions and removing the weave from the natural hair.

Q: Do I wash my hair before I come or will my hair be washed and conditioned before the sew in process?

A: A shampoo and conditioning is included in the price of a sew-in. We prefer to do this process to ensure that your hair is properly cared for before we start any style. However if you would like to shampoo at home, you are more than welcomed to do so.

Q: I would like to purchase some straight virgin Remy hair from you. Do you have 10 inch right now or can I order it through you?

A: We do have virgin Remy hair here in the salon. If you’re looking for a particular texture or length, you can give us a call before your appointment and we will have it available for you.

Q: Could you tell me what your price is a relaxer and style? Like a basic wrap and/or flat iron?

A: The price of a relaxer and style starts at $55 depending on the style.

Q: I must say you guys do great work. I just had one question; do you sew hair onto a net?

A: When installing a sew-in, we do use a breathable net that has olive oil in it. This allows the scalp to breathe and gives you complete access to oil, moisturize, or just scratch.

Q: Do you remove micro braids as well?

A: Yes we remove micro braids. There is a braid take down fee of $80. This is for all individuals braids.

Q: How much would it cost for some fusion weave to add length?

A: The price of micro links starts at $350 depending on the length and style.

Q: I'm looking to get my hair braided and would like to know what the prices are for short/medium kinky twist?

A: Our Kinky twists starts at $140 depending on length and size.

Q: Hey does your braider do yarn wraps, if so how much does she charge?

A: Yes we do yarn braids here. They start at $160 depending on the length and size.

Q: Hey, I was wondering how much it would cost to wash and flat iron natural hair?

A: Our shampoo and style starts at $25 and shampoo and basic silk wrap starts at $45.

Q: How much do your Senegalese (I believe I'm saying it right) cost and how long do or can they last?

A: Senegalese Twists starts at $180 depending on the length and size. They can last up to 3 months with proper maintenance.

Q: Can you dreadlock Caucasians’ hair?

A: Yes we can. Here at Hair Candy, we welcome all hair of every race.

Q: Hello, I was wondering how much are you make up and eyebrows service?

A: Our make-up service starts at $25 and the eyebrow waxing is $7

Q: I am thinking about going natural. What suggestion would you give me; I know I do not what to chop off the hair I have now. The last time I received a perm was 12/12 so how long do you feel it might take for it to grow out?

A: Well the first piece of advice will be to be patient. Going natural is a process. You will be frustrated but it’s normal. The growing out of relaxed hair will depend on fast your hair grows. We have wonderful transitional styles that will assist you on your natural hair journey.

Q: Do you do keratin treatments?

A: No, we do not offer keratin treatments here. However we provide silkening strength treatments that will straighten and strengthen your hair without altering the curl pattern. It’s a natural, meaning no chemicals, and it will leave your hair feeling like pure silk. All textures are welcomed.

Q: How much is a weave removal?

A: Our weave removal and shampoo starts at $45

Q: I was wondering how much would it cost to get my hair dyed?

A: Our hair color starts at $55 depending on the length.

Q: What kind of relaxers do you use on your clients?

A: We use Design Essentials Conditioning Relaxers With Olive Oil & Shea Butter is a Sodium Hydroxide relaxer enhanced with the Hydra Strength Vitamin & Protein Complex that conditions and strengthens while straightening all hair textures.



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